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I let the call go to the answering machine as I didn't recognize the number. A short automated recording of "you have recently been identified," then it hung up.


Amoy Bill:

This is just a scam--rings very briefly to get you to call back about a free Bahamas cruise ticket promotion


Amoy Bill:




was very rude mocking me and spoke in a foreign language and would not hang up held the line until wasa able to break the connection i'm sure this is a dangerous scam be aware of this number



Has called multiple times. I finally answered. Claimed to have "wrong number."

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Several ways to stop unwanted calls:

Sumbit a phone number to Do Not Call Registry

This registry contains telephone numbers and the owners of those numbers that refuse to receive unsolicited calls from telemarketers. You can register your telephone number online at: for United States and at: for Canada.

Get a call blocking application for your cell phone

You can block unknown calls using one of many call blocking apps on Android or IOS. Those apps can block all incoming calls from hidden numbers and also you can put any phone number on the block list. Any calls from such number will never go trough.