Call blocking - excellent way to stop unwanted calls.

Best way to stop unwanted calls is to block incoming calls from suspicious callers. Cell phone users can choice among many available software applications that allows to block both incoming calls and text messages from callers. Also all incoming calls with ID withheld can be screened. Below we list some software as an example.

Software Description Price
Super Call Blocker Super Call Blocker allows you to block calls easily and perfectly.Block calls from unwanted people and private numbers that keep disturbing you.Block messages from unwanted people easily with super call blocker. Free
Call Blocker Call Blocker is interesting Android application, it will help you block calls and messages that you don't want to receive. Free
Call Blocker and Text Blocker Automatically intercept and reject calls and texts from blacklisted, private or unknown numbers Gizmoquip Call Blocker is an easy to use and full featured call blocker that has 5 blocking modes to choose from including Blacklist, Whitelist, Contacts Only, Block All, and Accept All . Rejected Blocked calls are sent to voicemail. You can easily block annoying calls from people you don’t know or people you know but do not want to talk to. Unwanted incoming calls are automatically silently sent to voice mail when blocked. A notification Icon is displayed when a call is blocked so you can quickly see if any calls have been blocked. Free
Call Blocker Free Call Blocker is one of the most effective apps to prevent unwanted calls or texts. Free